Love is (always) in the air!!! 21ST CENTURY Romeo and Juliet

In honor of Saint Valentine’s Day, ESFMP’s students let their hearts run loose and delivered the most meaningful of love messages in their English lessons.

Elected by their classmates on a first round, a real Juliet (Julieta Gonçalves, 11º3) and a modern Romeo (Pedro Fonseca, 11º3) were considered to be the best reinvention of Shakespearean love ever!
And to prove that love has no age and is still a strong feeling students have also come across a young version of Juliet (Madalena Gonçalves, 8º1) and a serious and suffering Romeo (Diogo Louro, 11º2).
Although initially shy and uninspired, these teens released their inner Romeos and Juliets as they presented surprisingly heartfelt creations. Congratulations!
After all, love is still in the air!
Loves Messages